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Tailored Shipmanagment
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Arctic Shuttle Tankers

Unicom operates five 70,000 dwt highly specialized super ice class shuttle tankers (Ice class 1A Super). These vessels are designed and built to endure the freezing conditions of the Barents Sea and Pechora Sea.

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Northern Sea Route (NSR)

The Northern Sea Route cuts the maritime distance from Northern Europe to North East Asia by about 40% drastically reducing the environmental footprint of vessel and provided economic benefits in terms of fuel consumption. It is been forecasted that in the future The Northern Sea Route will play a significant part in world energy transportation. We will support you.

We do care about your ships

Unicom Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd. was founded on the 24th January 1991 in Limassol, Cyprus and we are providing a full range of best quality ship management services to our clients.

It is our aim to serve the shipping industry and our clients with the utmost expertise and attention, offering various solutions and individual packages assisting our customers to be successful and thereby making us a leading ship management company.

Our services and packages include, but not limited to: full management, technical management, vetting management, crew management, commercial management including disbursement and freight and hire calculations, marine insurance and claims handling, and ship building project management.

Unicom is the number one Arctic Operator; we are specialized managing vessels trading in the harsh conditions of the Arctic especially during the winter months. Since 2010 our teams are participating to prepare the voyage of various sizes of tankers to cross the Northern Sea Route, we are managing these ships by applying the highest safety level for the ship, for the crew and for the fragile ecosystem of the Arctic.

We in Unicom are committed to an integrated Safety Management System which imparts the philosophy of Management Safety, Environment and Quality Management throughout our organisation. TMSA / OVMSA are adopted within our Safety Management System ensuring consistency with existing International Conventions and industry best practises.

We developed our in-house ship management expertise and earned recognition from major energy and utility companies for first class services delivered and excellent performance.

We strongly believe that our people are our most valuable asset and the key to a safe and successful operation. In order to maintain our high standards Unicom is dedicated to continuous development and training of the shore personnel and crewmembers.

We know that every moment counts, the reason we are continuously improving ourselves and being there for you 24/7. We thrive to achieve your goals.


Unicom is Experienced in all Oceans

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